Kathryn Refi - Artist
November 2nd, 1975
Chris Holl Poses with Dr. Lewis' Lamborghini MiuraNovember 2nd, 1975
President Gerald Ford greets Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in FloridaNovember 2nd, 1975
Kathryn Refi is bornNovember 2nd, 1975
O.J. Simpson, of the Buffalo Bills, tries to scoreNovember 2nd, 1975
Prince Juan Carlos of Spain meets with residents of the disputed territory of Spanish SaharaNovember 2nd, 1975
Film director Pier Paolo Pasolini is murderedNovember 2nd, 1975
Muslim fighters clash with Christian militias in Beirut, Lebanon
November 2nd, 1975
These drawings are of events that occurred on the day I was born, November 2nd, 1975. They were sourced from microfilm of newspapers, the internet, and family photos.